Can I do this? Getting healthy.

So I took the plunge and have gotten myself this Skinny Coffee so many girls are trying and talking about.

I do not drink coffee. EVER. Lets get that clear. The taste is so strong and basically it just genuienly makes me think I’m drinking dirty weird pungent water. My boyfriend has tried to get me to drink coffee over energy drinks for my caffeine intake but he’s never succeeded. Maybe until now, but shhhh don’t tell him.

You’re probably thinking if I dislike coffee so much, why try Skinny Coffee Club in the first place? Honestly, I was curious. I read a few reviews (as this is something I have come to really do and rely on any time I’m thinking of buying and trying a new product.  I mean, I want to know I’m not just throwing money here and there for no reason right?) and liked what I read when most people said it had a light taste and it actually does. I can’t explain it, you can taste the distinct flavouring all coffee has before smothering it in sugar and milk but it’s not strong at all. Now this is based on only a few cups so far, so I’m hoping after the first month I’ll not even notice the taste at all. Plus I haven’t even had to smother it to drink it so that’s a plus!

(it does say in its directions that it’s recommended not to use sugar or milk so if you do want to I’d say stick to what they recommend with almond milk and stevia.)

So this is supposed to be a weight loss kinda program from what I’ve gathered. Which I’m willing to try. I’ve tried BooTeas detox teas and loved those so why not try coffee now too! As this is the start to my trying to get back to a healthy routine I’m going to try to document it (keeping my fingers crossed I can remember to do this!). All in all I’m hoping with a little work, you know working out abit more, changing my eating habits, drinking mores water and stopping the energy drinks (major need to do this one here) I can see some results.

Let’s hope to some success from these babes at Skinny Coffee Club eh?


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