Fake Happy…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8vsuOXZBXc   So.....I had to take some time away. My last post was me struggling again with my mental health and wishing I could just get back to a better place. I think I've slowly got there. It's been a hard road once again and another stage in a very long battle but I'm getting... Continue Reading →


Fake Happy.

"I love making you believe What you get is what you see But I'm so fake happy I feel so fake happy And I bet everybody here Is just as insincere We're all so fake happy And I know fake happy" 'Fake Happy' by Paramore I have my good days and when they are good,... Continue Reading →

Can I do this? Getting healthy.

So I took the plunge and have gotten myself this Skinny Coffee so many girls are trying and talking about. I do not drink coffee. EVER. Lets get that clear. The taste is so strong and basically it just genuienly makes me think I'm drinking dirty weird pungent water. My boyfriend has tried to get... Continue Reading →

Going to a gig…

So out of my normal routine I actually went out on a Friday night! When you're the girlfriend to a drummer who is in a band that's starting to pick up speed doing what they love, yes you go out and support said band. The atmosphere at a gig unusually different from when you'd just... Continue Reading →

For the love of cheeses…

So I sit here watching the latest SpongeBob movie, yes I am that girl. Cartoons are amazing! And eating pizza while enjoying the company of my best friend. I mean, how can you not be best friends with the person you love and enjoy stupid times together? What kinda life is that?!? Anyways... What I... Continue Reading →

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